Foundation Types


There several types of foundations that are used in the Lowcountry. The two most common foundations are “raised pier” and “slab”. Both have unique features that will give you a great look. Both can be addressed differently to modify the look through color and material selection.


The raised pier is exactly as it sounds. The foundation is built on raised piers that support your home. These piers can be made of different materials and the treatment between the piers can be varied as well. This type of foundation works well for those homes that will have front and rear porches made of wood. Typically, it is a good idea to use “hog fencing” between the piers, with wire mesh behind, that has been set underground to help control the invasion of any of our Southern critters,such as armadillos. which are very common here. Click here to visit for pictures of raised pier of foundation ideas for your home.


A concrete slab is a foundation that is built on a solid foundation of concrete. It can be raised as well and can also be made to look like there are piers. This type of foundation works very well for those people who desire a concrete or masonry front and/or rear porch. The concrete can be varied through the use of salt, oyster shells, and additional masonry. This style of foundation can also be made to look like a raised pier foundation. For examples of various looks for a slab foundation,

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