How to Critter-Proof your Home


The summer is upon us and most of us are sure to have many visitors at this time of year. A quick walk around your house and property, to examine for unwanted visitors, may be a good idea, especially if you and your loved ones are outdoorsy! Fire ants, snakes, lizards, bees, mice, and mosquitoes may be interesting, but not so fun to step on!

Angie's List offers three good tips to keep unwanted visitors out of your home. The basic advice is this: To prevent these nuisances from getting into the house, homeowners should try to block up as many entry points as possible. Caulking around doors and windows should be done now. Torn window screens should be repaired or replaced. Another way that insects hitch hike into the house is on potted plants that are brought inside for the winter.  Small insects, like aphids, can easily hide on plants and become active in a warm home. Carefully examine plant leaves, stems, and the potting soil for the presence of insects.  

What about bigger critters. like mice, snakes, squirrels, or raccoons? If the animal appears aggressive or dangerous, call Beaufort County Animal Control Services at (843) 255-5010. If the critter is attacking or has bitten someone, call 911. Depending on the situation, you may have to contact a private company who charges for unwanted animal removal. 

The exterior of your home can take on many different looks and styles simply by varying the trim details. In this next series, we will explore some of the ideas that can make your home unique. Taking a look at the largest component, the roof, there are two major styles for a roof line, the gable roof and the hip roof. 

The gable roof is one that forms a triangle where the siding material rises to meet the roof. This style is used many times in the Lowcountry


 For more pictures of a gable roof:

The hip roof takes the gable end and “fills it in with roof”. This provides a slope to the roof from the front where the gable used to be. Instead of seeing the siding material, the focus is the roof material.


In this picture  you can see that the main roof is a hip roof. The dormers are a gable dormer. For more examples of these roof styles and others, follow the link

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