Our Roots Run Deep



◦ The Beatles performed for the first time on The Ed Sullivan show, launching the British Music Invasion.

◦ “Bewitched” twitched into existence on ABC… one of first programs to be transmitted IN COLOR on one of only three TV networks.

◦ A gallon of gas cost 30 cents. A new car cost about $3500. And the average cost of a new house was just over $13,000.

◦ And in 1964, my father built his first home in the Lowcountry.

Even back then, folks knew there was something special about the Lowcountry, and they wanted to live and work here, and raise their families here. Since 1964, my family has built over one thousand, five hundred homes. Over 800 of them are on Hilton Head Island.

My father built homes, not houses. Back then, a man built a house with the expectation of living there and leaving it to his children, who would live in it as well. That’s the philosophy my Dad and my uncle instilled in me - build a house that will last for generations. My father also built his business with the same sense of purpose, inspiring in me the concept of quality construction and exceptional customer service. I think of my career in construction as a rubber-band ball… like adding a new rubber band, every home is a learning experience that builds, layer upon layer, toward something bigger.

Of course, the materials and technologies used to build homes has changed greatly since 1984. Today, we build Earth Craft Houses and Energy Star rated homes, and are recognized as Certified Registered Green Building Professionals. However, there are many techniques that we used back then that are better than modern shortcuts, and I’ll be glad to point some of them out when we talk about building your Lowcountry dream home.

Equally as impressive as building 1500 homes, people come BACK to Coastal Signature Homes for home additions, and even to build second homes. That says a lot about the quality of our work and our relationship with the people we serve.

It was no accident that our slogan is, “Our Roots Run Deep.” I am very proud of my family’s heritage of building homes here in the Lowcountry, and the level of experience and quality that we strive for at Coastal Signature Homes.

If you are looking for a builder with solid experience and a willingness to make your construction project something special, then contact us now!

NotesLeah England