Give Your AC a Simple Checkup

Now's the time to make sure your air conditioning is in perfect working order. First, replace your air filter to make sure the whole system runs smoothly. Clear any debris on or around your vents or exhausts, and clean off any dirt, grass, or winter debris from the main unit outside.

If your unit isn't working properly, now is the time to call in a professional... don't wait until it stops working altogether.

Change Your Ceiling Fan Direction


Ceiling fans are designed to rotate differently depending on the season. In the summer, you should run your fan at higher speeds turning counter-clockwise, creating a downward air flow. The fan creates a breeze in the room and a "wind chill" effect on the skin and helps you feel cooler.

In winter months, your fan should rotate clockwise, circulating air upwards, to help distribute the heat that has risen towards the ceiling. The fan pulls cooler air upwards, mixing it with the warm air, then circulates it out and down the walls.

Check to see which direction the fans in your home are moving, and, if necessary, hit the small black switch near the base to change directions.

TipsLeah England